Rattan – also known as rotan –  is a long and slender natural plant that primarily grows in Indonesia across the islands of Sulawesi, Kalimantan and Sumatera. There are many species of rattan grown in Indonesia including rattan fitrit, kobo, slimit, lacak, CL and others. We extensively use rattan to make our storage baskets, furniture, and home accessories.


Waterhyacinth is an aquatic weed that grows wild in the lakes, dams, and rivers of Java, Sumatera and other Indonesian islands – often disturbing the growth of other plants or inhibiting river flow and irrigation. A renewable and abundant resource, water hyacinth is harvested everyday to clean water passages, preserve the health of the environment and ensure smooth river flow. Water hyacinth can be weaved into baskets, furniture, and home accessories with various weaving patterns.


Seagrass is a flowering plant that grows in marine environments. An abundant and renewable resource, we make use of seagrass for a variety of hand-weaved baskets and home accessories.

Banana Bark

Banana bark is a fast-growing, durable, and renewable natural material with a unique texture and pattern. A by-product of banana tree cultivation, the banana bark most often goes to waste. However, we prize the banana bark’s porous structure, high flexibility, and water-resistant properties and use it to produce various functional, hand-crafted products.


The art of ceramics is thought to have existed since the prehistoric times, precisely after humans lived and settled and started for farming. While there are a vast array of clays available for the use of ceramics, we specialize in crafting hand-made vases, lighting, bowls, dinnerware, and decorative objects made from terracotta fired at approximately 1200 degrees Celsius for the perfect finish.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone varies in accordance with its origin. The types of stone we use to produce home accessories, including table lamps, candle holders, bathroom accessories, and decorative objects include marble, lava stone, yellow stone, and grey stone – all of which are natural stones that we source from various islands in Indonesia.